You know very well that there are many activities that you must carry out in your professional life that go beyond patient care. A fundamental part is filling in documents with the information of each of the people who come with you. It is a job that most of the times is laborious and takes up too much time. As a solution, there is already an app to transcribe medical records and the best thing is that it was designed exclusively for health professionals.

In that sense, although there are tools that allow transcribing texts, their main flaw is with technicalities. Virtually all fail because they do not recognize these types of words or confuse them with others. In the end you don’t get a time saving because it is necessary to re-edit the information obtained.

The perfect solution for all doctors

Whereas now that is no longer necessary thanks to Amazon Transcribe Medical. It is an application that uses voice recognition and also has machine learning specialized in Medicine. With this, he instantly identifies the medical and pharmacological terms that are dictated to him.

The service is designed to understand the terminology and style of clinical language. Thus, the main function of the app is to be able to transcribe medical records in real time and without failures at the time of capture. By doing so, you will achieve considerable time savings within your working hours.

The application is designed to simplify the protocol of a traditional consultation. Doctors can now focus their attention entirely on the patients and not on the computer screen.


Other benefits offered

Based on its creators, this option can accurately transcribe medical terminology such as names of drugs, procedures, and even medical conditions and diseases. Amazon Transcribe Medical can be useful in a wide variety of use cases, such as transcribing patient-physician conversations for clinical documentation, capturing phone calls in pharmacovigilance, or captioning telemedicine inquiries.

Amazon Transcribe Medical is available as a set of public APIs that can address both batch workloads and speech-to-text applications in real time. The service is HIPAA compliant and prioritizes the security and privacy of patient data. Amazon Transcribe Medical provides transcription expertise for primary care and specialty care areas such as cardiology, neurology, obstetrics-gynecology, pediatrics, oncology, radiology, and urology.

In turn, Amazon has used demonstrations to ensure that the technology is advanced enough to transcribe complex medical terms without mistakes. It is precisely one of the barriers that prevented the use of voice recognition for this type of activity. Remember that this tool is you can download at this link.