The social media ads They have become a unique strategy that helps to understand the communication capacity that these platforms have and the impact of understanding the innovation that the dynamism of the tools offers us.

With this in mind, a very important element to take into account has to do with the opportunity for brands to define bolder practices, especially at a time when it becomes crucial to understand the value in matters such as social media marketing, crucial to get the most out of these media.

At Management Program ADVERTISING ON SOCIAL MEDIA You will learn to develop resources from which you can show your products on social networks through advertising and manage your commercial resources in a better way.

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With a start date of November 26, the Management Program seeks that you master communication through the main social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, this with the guarantee of the School of Marketing, which is the pioneer institution in training and offer of diplomas as well as management programs in Mexico.

Within the Program you will learn:

The paid advertising scheme on the main social networks.

Master the creation of advertisements on social networks.

Planning of marketing campaigns in social networks.

Optimize the advertising budget on social networks.

Develop a successful presence on social media.

Manage platforms that help the execution of ads on social networks.

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