This is how artists recreated ‘SpongeBob, the movie’ and beat Paramount +

This is how artists recreated ‘SpongeBob, the movie’ and beat Paramount +

Through an initiative Several artists managed to recreate the first SpongeBob moviealthough this has not pleased the filmmakers of Nickelodeon and Paramount+. Likewise, the YouTube platform has done everything to end this project, but it always comes back.

Users from all over the world have celebrated this project as a victory against the entertainment giant.

Streaming services in Mexico

Streaming services have managed to gain significant weight, even positioning themselves for that of telecommunications. In Mexico, for example, Netflix and Disney + are some of those that have managed to capture a large part of the market.

In fact, a study of The CIU released figures that share the proportion with which Mexican subscribers have accounts on one or more platforms. The result shares that 56 percent of streaming users only have one subscription, while 27 percent have two, and only 17 percent have three or more.

Likewise, he pointed out that during the last quarter of 2021 the trends of the numbers were constantly changing. Other platforms managed to position themselves in the market in a better way. Regarding platforms like Apple TV +, Paramount + and Star +, points out that together they accumulated 1.1% of the market with a cut at the end of last year.

However, and although Netflix is ​​still the king of streaming services, it seems that in a few years it will no longer be.

According to the results, at the end of 2021, The CIU estimates that there were a total of 12 million subscriptions in the country, of which 63 out of 100 represented the market occupied by Netflix, while 13 belonged to Disney+ and 9 more from HBO Max.

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However, these platforms have soon made a loyal following. The first thanks to its franchises and licenses such as Marvel and Star Wars, while the second thanks to DC, The Boys and some other options such as the Champions League.

Without going further, Amazon Prime Video announced a few days ago that its platform would integrate a lot of content from Fox Sports. However, Paramount+ is one of the services with the least presence in Mexico.

Perhaps for this reason, the history of the artists who recreated the SpongeBob movie in their own style is not as well known.

This is how artists recreated ‘SpongeBob, the movie’ and beat Paramount +

Some time ago, an initiative between artists and content creators was born. The project was based on reviving ‘Spongebob the movie’ and upload the video to the YouTube platform. In this work, he highlighted the participation of more than 300 visual artists.

The plan was that every 10 seconds of a film lasting 1 hour and 40 minutes would have different types of visual proposals. This immediately liked, and the video went viral. However, neither Paramount+ nor YouTube liked it.

According to the testimonials of some artists and content creators, the video was “taken down” from the platform. This is because, despite not using the original frames, they did use the voices of the protagonists. However, the artists were not willing to let their project be forgotten.

For this reason, they dedicated themselves to hiring music and dubbing specialists to create a new sound setting.

Although this medium did not completely stop the platform or the streaming service, who cataloged the content as part of the YouTube Kids section. However, after much dispute, the video has become available again on the video platform. This victory has joined the few where a product has been “hacked” and fans manage to defeat an entertainment industry giant.

This is the video shared by the creators initiative:

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