This GTA themed PS2 is the dream of any fan of the saga

This GTA themed PS2 is the dream of any fan of the saga


The design of GTA 3 is so good that it looks like an official PS2 version.

Grand Theft Auto has been a benchmark in the video game industry. Created by David Jnoes and Mkie Dailly, this shooter series was released in 1997 (for PC) by Rockstar Games. Since then, the saga has brought with it some of the most recognized titles in the world, such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (in 2002) or San Andreas (in 2004). These installments kept fans busy for a long time trying to complete the missions of Tommy Vercetti, a criminal who has just been released from Liberty City prison, after committing a massacre only 15 years before the events in which the game is set. play.

However, something that makes the GTA stories have become more solid as time went by after their premieres is due to the great gameplay that each one has (main and even secondary), the use of different weapons and, in general, an immersive experience.

So far, the Grand Theft Auto series has not just stayed on PC, but its popularity has reached several generations of consoles, although, of course, many fans of the saga will agree that Rockstar really worked hard with GTA 3 , released for PlayStation 2.

Although the franchise had already caught the attention of its fans, GTA 3 should be given its due, which brought some of the most significant news to the series. While it picked up the main storylines, it also tweaked the concept of violence to make it even more raw than its predecessors; furthermore, as expected, the irrevent absurdity and humor that have characterized Rockstar titles remain impeccable.

To understand it better, the impact that the trilogy of GTA games for PS2 had on the players is not for less. Grand Theft Auto was massive during its release, mostly because of the game’s heavy violence (as mentioned above), and the occasional sexual content shown, considering the Hot Coffee controversy. GTA 3 sold almost 15 million copies, Vice City 17.5 million and San Andreas 21.5 million.which proves that these deliveries have been the most popular in the franchise.

Tributes to Grand Theft Auto 3

In this way, the connection between the PlayStation 2 and such an important game for the Grand Theft Auto saga (especially for those who started playing it outside of the PC, and even if they had already tried it in titles like Vice City or San Andreas) It is obvious. So, along with the nostalgia that this moment brought with it for most fans of the series, a player saw the perfect time to decorate a discontinued PlayStation 2 console with motifs from the delivery GTA 3. On it he prints some texts that are inspired by the title and several impressive details.

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Reddit user, ForNineteen68, who took on this very creative project, decided to share the results of his handiwork on the PlayStation subreddit. In the latter, a large number of fans were shocked by the image. In it, we can see that the front of the PS2 console is covered in paint, with every single detail done by hand. The figure that shows the work of art (practically urban overtones), is based on the style of GTA 3. Below the title of the console, to which has given it the name “Play Station II” with the characteristic font of GTAin addition to the fact that below appears a very ad hoc car for the time in which the narrative of GTA 3 unfolds. Finally, on the back of the console, appears the recreation of the woman who has as cover GTA: San Andreas.

Here you can see for yourself what a fun use this fan made of his paintings on a PS2 console:



Of course, most fans showed their love for the artwork, pointing out their favorite parts of the work and even questioning the unsuitable materials for a painting like this. But FourNineteen68 he explained to them that he had painted the slim version of the console to preserve the original version. And while he may no longer be able to use it for its intended purpose, it’s predictable that some fans will be concerned about keeping an old console in top shape.

Although there are some players who only remember the good times in their favorite titles, there are others who do not lose sight of the possibilities contemplated for GTA6. There is still no official information, despite the rumors that there are already about its content. Hopefully we’ll have more news about Rockstar’s latest installment soon: GTA 6.

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