This function of the Apple Watch 8 will allow you to measure your body temperature

This function of the Apple Watch 8 will allow you to measure your body temperature

The Apple Watch Series 8 would have a new temperature measurement sensor, according to leaked information. The company would be looking to propose a function to combat the spread of Covid-19. Also, it is believed that it would add new functions and a hardware update.

Apple is one of today’s great companies in the technology industry. A study by CNBC shared in the month of May 2022 detailed interesting figures.

According to data from CounterpointResearch, Manzana is a leader in the smartwatch industry. huaweifor its part, also managed to considerably increase its shipments during the pandemic period, going from 8.7 million units shipped in 2019, to 11.1 in 2020. Other brands that appear in the competition are Samsung, CCK and fitbit.

The huawei smartwatch have followed a trend to present a fixed analysis in terms of health monitoring which works 24/7. Secondly, samsung smart watch It already has a high-precision heart rate sensor with 4 LEDs. As your heart rate increases, the background color of the app changes, from blue to green to red.

Apple and its presence in the world

According to this, companies like Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla and Netflix, generated an average of 373 thousand 606 dollars per minute. That’s just for the first three months of 2021. This figure was taken from the latest reports released by seven of the biggest tech companies.

For its part, Apple alone recorded net sales of 51.5 billion US dollars. This taking into account that its largest market is the American continent, in the first quarter of fiscal year 2022. The markets in Europe and China are also relevant for the company, since they register revenues of 25 billion dollars.

Finally, since its launch in 2015, Apple Watch has led the smartwatch market with more than 50 percent market share in 2020. It is known that there was double-digit growth from 2017 to 2020, but it slowed down in 2021. According to Strategy AnalyticsApple Watch saw a 40 percent increase in sales between 2019 and 2020.

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This new function of the Apple Watch 8 will allow you to measure your body temperature

According to a leak from a known portal, the Apple Watch 8 would have a new function. It is an integrated sensor that would presumably indicate the wearer’s body temperature.

According to what is indicated, this sensor would not provide the exact numbers, but would calculate an approximate. As a result of this, it would send a preventive notification to the user with the aim of carrying out a professional medical study.

Bloombergwho has filtered this information points out that this mechanism is not yet finished. According to what is indicated, the sensor is undergoing internal tests at Apple. This feature is expected to be added to both the Apple Watch Series 8 and future models from the company. The objective is to facilitate this function for athletes, however, it is believed that for the SE version of the Apple Watch, this sensor would not be included.

Also, not only Bloomberg himself, but The Wall Street Journal noted that the body temperature sensor would be used for fertility tracking. In theory, temperature changes could be a clue as to whether a person is pregnant, and this feature could even predict when a person would have their next period.

In addition to this new function, the most recent models would integrate an improvement in the hardware of the equipment, since according to Mark Gurmannthese models would initially have an updated screen.

This new mechanism had been mentioned in the technology sectors and media. Also, past reports indicated that there would be a future function for iPhone on a glucose meter for the Apple Watchalthough this has never been confirmed.

If confirmed, this function would be particularly necessary and useful, since there has been an increase in cases of Covid-19. Therefore, pending official statements by the company, this function could be a before and after within the technology industry.

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