Jessica Chastain, who played the villain of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, confessed to regret having been part of the saga. This is how the actress expressed herself about it.

The movies of X Men they have never been the best received either by critics or by the audience. However, the first installment, that of 2000 directed by Bryan singer it was considered cult. This production put a famous group of superheroes from the big publishers on the big screen for the first time. However, as time went by, the quality was decreasing and the fans were becoming more and more demanding.

Later, Wolverine origins He ended up disappointing many, which caused the X universe to go into crisis. That’s when the studio decided to stick with the Wolverine story, but give everything else a reset. The new saga, starring James mcavoy and Michael Fassbender It started high, but it also lost the applause of the audience.

Apocalypse and the most recent, Dark Phoenix, they had everyone screaming again for a reboot, including the cast. Jessica chastain, who gave life to the villain of the last feature film, referred to the trauma of being part of such a project.

So much so that when asked about it, the concern began, without even going into the matter. “Do we have to talk about this?” commented. In addition, she mentioned that she is not the only one who suffered, because her great friend and colleague, Oscar Isaac, I would have had similar feelings. “Oscar Isaac and I have talked, well yes”.

For her part, the actress reflected on the possible reasons for the failure of the product in question. For her, there were administrative reasons. While Disney and Fox they were in the middle of a negotiation, the film was in limbo. “I think at one point they bought the studio. I didn’t even know my character’s name before I saw the movie. What’s going on here?”added.

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Now, after this experience, the interpreter spoke of the only way she would return to superhero cinema. “Give me a supervillain: I don’t want to be a superhero because, if you’re a superhero, you have to make 10 movies. I don’t want to sign a 10-year contract “, he said.

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