They wanted Resistance to have an open world game

They wanted Resistance to have an open world game

Jeff Ross, director of Days gone, said he intended to make a game of Resistance with open world after Sony Bend did not get the green light for the sequel in 2019. Talking with David Jaffe, Ross explained that Sony He asked them if there was another PI from the study that they wanted to explore. Siphon Filter was suggested by Sony, but Ross said he preferred to work on a new installment of Resistance.

In the own words of Ross:

“The proposal I had in mind was to create an open world Resistance game and it was going to be fantastic, damn it. We had all these open-world gameplay features that would fit right in with Resistance. There were so many aspects of IP that it naturally lent itself to open world gameplay. Sony was not interested.

They suggested Siphon Filter to me, but I have no idea how to reset Siphon Filter. I was not interested at all. “

Ross was also questioned about the failed proposal of Days Gone 2, to which he replied:

“It was reviewed by the senior studio executives, but it never got any further. Reviews had this filter of ‘the first game was a disaster and didn’t sell well.’ “

He later explained that Sony clearly not interested in performing Days Gone 2:

“It was clear that this was never going to happen and we had nothing in the proposal that would interest our manager or his boss. It was a mistake on the part of the creative team. It was an impossible battle to win. “

In fact, Ross recently also said that Days gone had sold even more copies than Ghost of Tsushima, but anyway, Sony he had considered it a failure. You can read their full statements through the following link.

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Editor’s note: Nowadays it is so fashionable to bring dead franchises back to life, I think it would be great to have a new Resistance. Maybe a reboot would fit nicely with the current vision of PlayStation Studios, and while I’d love for Insomniac Games to work on the franchise again, they are currently very busy with a lot more.

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They wanted Resistance to have an open world game

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