They reveal the best-selling car brands in Spain

They reveal the best-selling car brands in Spain

With you, the diverse Spanish car market. Recently, their sales balances for the month of June have been published. Next, we go into detail on the three brands that registered the most cars.

The sales balances of the Spanish car market. particularly of the month of June. The truth is that throughout June 2022, in Spain, a total of 89,252 vehicles between cars, SUVs and SUVs. This indicates a 7.8% less compared to June 2021.

The ANFAC -Spanish Association of Automobiles and Trucks- argues that this slight decrease has to do with inflation, the lack of supply of microchips and, in his words, “economic uncertainty”.

However, What brands lead the Spanish market this summer? Let’s see. Toyota leads the list with 8,303 units registered. In second place is hyundai with 7,180 units registered. And he completes the podium, not without surprise, Dacia with 6,702 units registered.

the german house volkswagen ranks fourth with 6,645 units registered and the French peugeot ranked fifth with 6,577 units registered.

From Toyotathe best-selling model in Spain is the Toyota C-HRwhile Dacia has two high-volume sales models: the Dacia Duster on the one hand, and the Dacia Sandero for the other.

There is a special mention. And it is for the model with the most sales so far this summer. Its about hyundai tucson. Its about SUVs which is a sensation, not only in Spain, but around the world: The Tucson registered 2,806 unitsduring June, in the Iberian country.

It is worth clarifying that the SUV of South Korean origin not only led sales in June. If we take all of 2022, also the Tucson leads the sales balances with 11,907 units registered.

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The market price of the Tucson has considerable breadth. part of the €30,000, with its 1.6 gasoline version and about 150 hp of maximum power. On the other hand, the top of the range model that is presented in the Spanish market is placed in the €52,000. This latest version is famous for its optimal propulsion hybridization, its 265 hp of peak power and powerful 4×4 traction.

Toyota C-HR: large sales volume in Spain.