They report that the upgrade to PS Plus Premium has major drawbacks

They report that the upgrade to PS Plus Premium has major drawbacks

So far, the reception for PS Plus Premium has been very positive. The list of games that was presented a few days ago was impressive, if incomplete, and the details that have come from elsewhere have been promising. It seems safe to say that many fans are excited about PS Plus Premium, and the service’s recent rollout in Asia has given a small window into how it all works.

However, fans should note that there are likely to be some differences in gameplay and functionality for Asian users. Still, it’s not a bad comparison, and there may be one or two things that are different/improved in America or Europe. However, there are two new details that seem to be constant in all the territories of PS Plus Premium And the fans don’t like it.

There are two important details to know about upgrading to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium that Sony hasn’t previously announced. Namely, it seems that if someone bought PS Plus at a discount, that discount is removed upon upgrading. It’s a bit confusing, but the bottom line is that any conversion or upgrade will take into account the full price of the service, not the discounted conversion.

The second detail may be worse. Before the launch of PS Plus Premium, fans began stacking PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions to get the cheaper upgraded service. Sony put a stop to this after it started, and while many were upset, it was understandable.

However, it seems that the PS Plus stacking may have backfired, as anyone who wants an upgrade (but has an extended period of time on the service) can’t just do it for a month or a year, but instead has to update the entire duration of your service.

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Essentially, if someone has a subscription that runs through 2026-2027, but only wants to upgrade the first few months, they can’t. If you try to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium, players will have to pay until the end of their current subscription. In other words, those who have accumulated or long-term subscriptions will have to pay hundreds of dollars up front, no matter how long they want to subscribe, to upgrade.

Many are upset as this locks players into a high fee and was not previously announced. Sony later confirmed that it was ending the PS Plus Premium stacking, but even then it didn’t mention how this stacking could lead to players paying much more money up front. Hopefully this will change soon, but from the looks of it, Asia is operating under these rules.