Home Business Marketing They find Dona Gansito, but taste creates debate among Internet users

They find Dona Gansito, but taste creates debate among Internet users

They find Dona Gansito, but taste creates debate among Internet users

As if it were a great finda tweeter reported that she finally found a Gansito donut, but users question its tasteWell, for some, it seems that this product is overvalued.

Today, in short, brands have a very important window in social networks, converted, for a long time, into platforms that create opportunities for expansion and, consequently, to reach new audiences.

Sometimes, a tweet, a post, an image or a video is enough to win over new consumers, either through promoted posts or through influencers.

And it is that, according to a study of the platform Tomson , it is estimated that 92 percent of people are more receptive to recommendations made by other users about brands or products, even if they don’t personally know who they’re recommending.

Also, according to data from postcron, 66 percent of people trust reviews posted on social media more.

That is why, currently, when we talk about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or other social networks, we are talking about spaces that offer a much more complete experience in marketing and advertising strategies.

Taste of Dona Gansito generates debate on Twitter

On twitter, a post is generating a conversation that revolves around the Gansito, one of Marinela’s most popular products, but more specifically the Gansito donutwhich does not have much of having reached the market, but that, in some way, has become quite a find, since, apparently, it is not easy to find it.

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This was reported by a user, who, in her tweet, wrote “It’s not an urban legend: it exists!”, referring to Dona Gansitobut said publication has generated a discussion about the taste of said product.

And it is that, for the consumer, these types of details are important; a product with a bad taste or one that is different from the traditional one is enough to abandon it or change it for another from the competition.

According to what Internet users express, rather than a bad taste, what is questioned is that the Gansito donut does not taste the same as a traditional Gansito, which is one of the reasons why it has become a very popular product in the brand.

Notably the tweet is gaining great popularity on the social network and, to tell the truth and unintentionally, it has become an important publicity window for Marinela and, by the way, for Bimbo.

The Gansito donut has become a very popular product on social media and the fact that it is not so easy to get it has made it a kind of highly desired object by consumers of the brand.

In addition, it has all the elements to be a viral product, to such an extent that some influencers or social network personalities have shown great interest in it, and that, although it is something new, the role of the Nostalgia plays an important role in your marketing strategy.

Something similar happened with Helados Holanda, a brand that launched a product called Raspadito, which also had an important element of nostalgia for the consumer.

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