If we have switched to veganism to improve the quality of the food we eat, we must know that a vegan diet is not always healthy. We show you the ultra-processed from the vegan world that we recommend avoiding.

Vegan is not synonymous with healthy

Although plant-based ingredients are rich in nutrients that offer benefits to the body, not always a vegan food or product is healthy.

Just as in an omnivorous diet, ultra-processed They are products to avoid if we want to improve the quality of our food.

If we carry a vegan diet It is essential to carefully choose the ingredients to include in it as well as to plan its implementation properly to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

The ultra-processed of the vegan world

The ultra-processed not only belong to the omnivorous world, but we can also find many unhealthy and highly industrialized vegan products like the ones we show below:

Cookies and crackers

Fiber biscuits

Cookies, both sweet and salty, are a type of industrial pastry and therefore, can contain refined flours, hydrogenated vegetable oils or Trans fat, a high amount of sodium and sugars additives, as well as various additives.

Many of these options are vegan but of course, we recommend avoiding them in the usual diet and replacing homemade cookies, since industrial alternatives constitute a food with Addictive substances, little satiating and of poor nutritional quality.

Buns and cakes


It’s hard to get a cake or something else sweet preparation typical of bakeries and pastry shops that are totally vegan. Therefore, in the presence of a 100% plant-based preparation, we always consider it to be healthier.

However, most of these products are made with free or added sugars and refined flours It is advisable to reduce to the maximum in the usual diet. They can also contain trans fats.

In its replacement, we advise you resort to homemade preparations based on wholemeal flours, with foods of good nutritional quality such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits and others.

Commercial sauces and dressings


To season a salad or add flavor to some other dish, we usually go to commercial sauces and dressings, and a large part of them are 100% plant-based.

However, these are alternatives that they can be rich in sodium and contain sugars in its interior, addictive components that it is recommended to avoid in the habitual diet.

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Once again, it is advisable to go to homemade sauces and dressings that we can easily prepare, free of additives and with a moderate amount of sodium as well as no added sugar.

Breakfast cereals


Commercial breakfast cereals are mostly vegan alternatives. However, even high fiber options they are usually not very satiating and contain a small amount of this nutrient beneficial to the body.

On the contrary, most of these products are rich in sugars, sodium and may contain trans fats that we should avoid at the daily table.

As a replacement, we recommend go for flaked oatmeal, cooked or puffed quinoa, or other natural alternatives no added sugar.

Potato chips or other fried and salty snacks


Fried and salted nuts, kikos, potato chips, or fried corn sticks are examples of commercial snacks to avoid in any diet and that they are vegan alternatives.

It’s about products rich in starch with high amounts of sodium and fat in its interior and therefore, concentrated in calories with nutrients that are not very satiating for the organism.

As a replacement, we recommend using roasted seeds or nuts, as well as baked preparations, always avoiding these ultra-processed foods from the vegan world.

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Granola or cereal bars

Replacement bars

They are a widely consumed snack in the world of fitness and are mostly vegan alternatives. However, even the fiber-rich options are ultra-processed offering poor quality nutrients with addictive effect in the body.

They are usually a source of free sugars, sodium, trans and saturated fats in appreciable proportions; reason for which it is advisable to make homemade alternatives or go to fresh and natural food to resolve the ingestions between hours.

Burgers, sausages and other vegan ready meals

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In the frozen sector of the supermarket as well as local fast food, we can find from sausages and hamburgers to lasagna, pizzas and other ready meals which tend to be of poor nutritional quality, since they are nothing more than ultra-processed in which nutrients such as refined flours, sodium or trans fats prevail along with a variety of additives.

Thus, We advise avoiding these ultra-processed foods from the vegan world previously named, to achieve a 100% plant-based, nutritious and healthy diet.

These products demonstrate that a vegan diet is not always healthy, but to achieve this, proper planning and food selection is advised.

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