These are the new functions with which iOS 15 arrives. 5

These are the new functions with which iOS 15 arrives. 5

The latest iOS update, arrived in the last hours, under the name of iOS 15.5, which is speculated to be the last major update of this system, migrating iOS 16, versions that are expected to be presented at WWDC 2022 on June 6, where as is common, it is speculated that various news will be presented, about the next performances and Apple devices; However, within the digital conversation, various users have begun to talk about the new features that iOS 15.5 arrives with.

Although as usual, each version comes with new features, fixes, security patches and aesthetic changes within the design of apps, this both for iPhone devices and for its equal, designed for iPad.

These are the new functions with which iOS 15 arrives. 5

Within a short video, the user of the tiktok social network, took on the task of mentioning what are the new functions with the iOS, it arrives with this new version, being the first mentioned, an update for the Apple Wallet section, changes its format to Apple Cahs, which mentions that it is only available to users in the United States, although this function is expected to continue behaving in the same way, since the change refers only to the name of the application.

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As a second function, the user mentions that within The weather app will now allow all iOS 15.5 users to access the “report a problem” option. In the same way, it is mentioned that within the Podcast configuration, it will now be possible to choose the amount of podcast that you want to download automatically, as well as being able to maintain more precise control of the time, amount and interaction that you have within this section.

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Finally, a tool designed for developers was mentioned, where Apple integrated a new function so that these creatives can receive payments outside the Appstore, tool that is mentioned, it is still entered within its test format, therefore, it is only integrated in certain applications. It is also mentioned that now the new function allows users to access a page, or content from developers, using Face ID, which will sharpen the way users interact.

The new update patch also came with a function designed for the Apple Watch, which although it had been available for a long time for users outside the national territory, it is with this new update that it opens for national users, because iOS 15.5 already allows you to use your smart watch to perform an electrocardiogram, function highly anticipated by Mexicans, which allows monitoring of your health status, in a simple, practical and free way.

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