These are the most important Xbox problems for fans

These are the most important Xbox problems for fans

The Xbox brand has been revalued in recent years, especially after the arrival of Xbox Game Pass, but also once the company’s next-generation consoles were launched, such as Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which they have become Microsoft’s fastest-selling consoles.

There is no doubt that Xbox has been fantastic in recent years, chaining decisions that have been to the complete satisfaction of the fans, starting with the acquisition of important first party studios such as Bethesda and the entire Zenimax group, and ending with the elimination of the need to have Xbox Live Gold to play free to play titles. Nevertheless, There are still some Xbox problems that fans want to see fixed.

Source: @JezCorden on Twitter | Windows Center

These are the most important Xbox problems for fans

the people of Windows Center has carried out a study in which they asked Xbox fans to establish which were the most important problems of the brand that they would like to solve for the recently started year 2022. Given this, Jezz Corden has carried out a study that we can see in the image above these lines.

Future Xbox consoles will be backwards compatible with the current generation, just like Xbox Series X|S

Among the main Xbox problems highlighted by users, we find some such as problems with Xbox Game DVR, problems with the Xbox operating system or support for Japanese games that currently exist on the platform, among others. Below you can read a list of all Xbox problems selected by fans:

  1. Problems with Game DVR.
  2. Problems with the Xbox OS.
  3. Support for Japanese games.
  4. Improvements in first party games.
  5. Achievement system improvements.
  6. Localization improvements.
  7. Family Pass for Xbox Game Pass.
  8. Problems with the Xbox App.
  9. Problems with Xbox accessories.
  10. Crossplay issues.
  11. Xbox Series S backwards compatibility quality.
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What do you think of the Xbox issues that have been pointed out by the folks at Windows Central? Do you miss any, or do you agree with them? We read you in the comments.