these are the foods that can promote inflammation in your body

these are the foods that can promote inflammation in your body

The diet we eat can greatly influence the health of the body. A) Yes, what we eat can cause disease. We tell you what they are foods that can promote inflammation in the human body.

Pro-inflammatory diet and diseases

Just as a quality diet can help reduce inflammatory processes in the body and protect health, a unhealthy nutrient feeding it may have the opposite effect.

Many diseases are mediated by inflammation, thus, a pro-inflammatory diet it can aggravate or favor the development of conditions such as soreness or pathologies such as arthritis, cancer, dementia or other metabolic diseases such as obesity or diabetes.

In this sense, it has been found that a diet rich in starches and sugars as well as other easily assimilated hydrates, low in antioxidants and with high proportion of saturated fat and trans fat, it can promote inflammation in the body.

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Foods that can promote inflammation in your body

As we have said, a diet of poor nutritional quality and with a predominance of highly industrialized or ultra-processed products It can be the cause of disease by promoting inflammation in the human body.

We tell you what are the foods to avoid if you want to control inflammatory processes:

Cold cuts and other processed meats

Processed meats

These ingredients may contain a high proportion of poor quality fats, sodium and even starches and sugars additives that promote inflammation in our body.

They are a source of additives with few beneficial nutrients for the body and may contain substances involved in the development of various degenerative and metabolic diseases.

Therefore, it is recommended in replacement choose fresh and lean meats reducing the consumption of processed and red meats and conversely, use fish more often source of unsaturated fats with anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Potato chips or other commercial snacks


Potato chips are the perfect combination of easily assimilated hydrates and fats without offering beneficial nutrients.

These and others commercial snack products such as fried and salted corn sticks, bread sticks and so on; they can promote inflammation in the body and therefore, it is recommended to avoid them in the usual diet.

In his replacement we can go to roasted nuts or seeds as well as preparations based on fresh fruits with no added sugar, and rich in fiber as well as antioxidants.

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Granola bars and commercial breakfast cereals

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Highly industrialized cereals have taken on a leading role in the current diet, being sources of refined flours, sugars and sodium in appreciable proportions as well as may contain Trans fat inside.

All these nutrients promote inflammation in the body, therefore, it is recommended replace your intake with whole grains or whole grains and preparations based on these, homemade and without added sugar.

We recommend using oat flakes, brown rice, whole wheat flour, spelled, rye and dishes based on them.

Biscuits and industrial pastries

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The biscuits that we all consider healthier than pastry products, they are also industrial pastries that we must avoid in the usual diet if we want to protect our health.

Your wealth in refined flours, sugars and trans fats are responsible for its inflammatory effect on the body. Therefore, we advise going to homemade alternatives and reducing these ultra-processed whenever possible.

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Sugary soft drinks and alcoholic beverages


Liquid foods can also have an inflammatory effect on the body. Thus, it is recommended drink water as the main drink and minimize sources of sugars and alcohol.

Flavored waters, juices, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages They should be avoided whenever possible to protect the health of the body, and prevent inflammatory processes that can be the cause of disease.

Table sugar, honey, syrups and sweets

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The use of table sugar, honey, syrups, syrups and other free sugars to sweeten our preparations, can add a high proportion of simple or easily assimilated hydrates to the usual diet.

Other foods sources of sugars such as trinkets should be avoided as much as possible if we want to prevent inflammatory processes in the body.

As a replacement we recommend go to food sources of natural sugars which are accompanied by other quality nutrients with an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, such as fiber and antioxidants.

Frozen and fast food preparations


Among the ultra-processed that we must avoid to control inflammation in the body and protect health, are ready-to-eat preparations, frozen or from local fast food.

Frozen lasagna, hamburgers, pizzas, Nuggets or others are source of starches, sugars, trans fats and many times sodium in excess that promotes inflammation in our body.

In this sense, nothing better than prioritize fresh food intake and preparations made from these with our own hands or at home, to prevent diseases and protect the health of the body.

These are foods that can promote inflammation in our body and therefore, we must avoid them if we want to prevent diseases and preserve the proper functioning of the body.

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