The XL gaming puff you need to play comfortably for only 100 euros

The XL gaming puff you need to play comfortably for only 100 euros

When it comes to gaming chairs or seats, rather, they come in different shapes and colors, one of the lesser-known jewels is the Puff type, they are soft and comfortable, and they are also available in different price ranges. In this case we are talking about this Puff Gaming XL from Happers, it costs 100 euros and you can buy it at PcComponentesin this article we will talk about the features offered by this product.

this puff It is designed and manufactured 100% in Alcoy, province of Alicante, so it is a completely Spanish product.. It is important that this type of product is manufactured in Spain to depend less and less on imports and increase competition, it is a perfect seat to spend hours and hours watching movies and series or playing with your Xbox while your back is totally relaxed.

East Gaming Beanbag XL it is comfortable but also resistant, the fact that its material is soft and friendly with your body does not mean that it reduces its durability. It is made of Solar Leatherette with a special anti-tear Nonwoven backing. and maximum resistance, we are talking about a product with an accessible price but that falls within the range that you expect maximum reliability from, and you get it.

It has padding included so that everyone who uses it can sit there for hours without causing discomfort to their back, and this is that thanks to its higher backrest, the back fits perfectly and can rest comfortably. It has an ergonomic design so that both your back and your head can rest on the backrest, the measurements of this Puff Gaming XL is 90 cm x 120 cm so that the little ones and adults feel comfortable.

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This red Gaming XL Puff has a special finish with a pocket so you can store the controls and It also has a handle on the top so you can transport it easily. between rooms of the house. We must also point out that this Puff has double stitching and also a double zipper, which makes it a more than safe and resistant seat so that you can have it with you for a long time.

The company guarantees the quality of the product and also if you have any problem with the product you can ask for its help to find the right solution, You can buy this Puff Gaming Xl at PcComponentes for a price of 100 euros.