Lost it was one of the series most acclaimed by the public and by critics. However, its ending was disappointing for the entire audience, now its writers are confessing

Without a doubt, the end of Lost it was one of the worst outcomes for a television series. Said fiction, created by JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Jeffrey Lieber, was one of the big hits of the small screen. Since its first episode, the story had managed to catch the audience and always had critics on its side. However, his ending failed to surprise or exceed anyone’s expectations.

Total, Lost It had 6 seasons and 121 episodes in total. Despite its great worldwide success, the writers were clear that Lost it was going to end in season six. On this subject, Damon Lindelof said the following: “There was never any kind of regret on our part. There wasn’t a moment where we were like, ‘oh, maybe I should do a season 7.’ In any case, it was the other way around, we plan to end in season 5 “.

Despite its ending, which generated a lot of anger in the audience, Lost it was one of the most iconic series to hit the small screen. The fiction centered on the people who survived Oceanic Flight 815, which eventually landed on an island full of mysteries.

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An ending that was widely criticized

As we said before, the end of Lost generated a lot of controversy. “I think for me personally going into season 6… and I’m going to switch between ‘me’ and ‘us’ because you ask something very specific about me, but we as a collective, Carlton and I and the writers and Jack Bender to some degree we were quite involved in a lot of conversations around what we were going to do in the final season in terms of building a parallel timeline. We thought, ‘We’re going to mark five hours of content in the afterlife and show it off.’ That was the mystery “, they assured.

“We were not going to give a satisfactory answer to why the birds flew against the walls or what the hell was the jacuzzi in Sayid’s shitty temple but we are going to tell what happens when you die … Let us feel our way towards what would be the subjective emotional experience of being dead in front of ‘where are you going’. Let’s explore the type of emotions underlying this type of… wandering space. So yeah, going into the final season what I wanted to solve was ‘this is what it feels like when you’re dead’. I haven’t seen this done enough in popular culture and I’m really interested in exploring that space. “, they closed.