the trick of the viral recipe to not stain anything

the trick of the viral recipe to not stain anything

A French omelette without making a mess nor add any fat, in record time and suitable for the most novices: it is what the last one promises viral recipe in the networks. Of course, we had to try it, and the truth is that the result has surprised us for good. Although we did not have very high expectations, all is said.

When a recipe or culinary trick goes viral, you have to walk with a thousand eyes; The results rarely fulfill the illusions created. Of course, their fame is precisely due to the fact that they promise great dishes saving time, effort or calories, so it is inevitable to fall into its appeal. After the famous pasta with feta comes the French omelette for which you only need a bag with zip closure and boiling water.

A professional chef would put his hands on his head watching the original video, and he will be right; The perfect French omelette, for a restaurant, is not easy to prepare, as it must be perfectly smooth, soft, homogeneous and with a very juicy interior. However, at home we are more of a “family” tortilla, somewhat more rustic and often crescent-shaped. There is nothing written about tastes and we can only encourage you to try this trick to see if it convinces you. It is also easy to customize with many ingredients and touches to taste.

Without getting too complicated we have taken one of the freezer bags that were at home, of 1 liter, and used two eggs for an individual omelette. In the original video they add ingredients such as tomato sauce, pepper, cheese or ham, but we have simply seasoned it and seasoned with a little milk, fresh parsley and concentrated tomato. And hey, it came out pretty edible, saving us a lot of scrubbing afterward.

Put plenty of water to heat in a pot or casserole to let it start to boil while preparing the tortilla mixture. If more units are to be cooked, use a larger pot.

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Place an open freezer-style zip-top bag in a large jug or bowl. Add the eggs, remove from the jar, extract the maximum of air and close. Rub the eggs with your hands on the outside to break them up and beat them a bit.

Place back inside the jar to open it and add the rest of the ingredients to taste. Repeat the above process, getting the most of the air possible before closing it very well hermetically. Rub gently again to mix all the ingredients.

Place the bag in the pot in the boiling water. Keep a boil for about 12-13 minutes, remove carefully and check that it has set and that there are no liquid remains. If it is still raw, continue cooking for another 1-2 minutes.

Open the bag being careful not to drip water and turn the tortilla gently rolling it on the serving plate. Discard the bag.

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With what to accompany the French omelette

Just like scrambled eggs or a humble fried egg, French omelette offers endless versatility, also adapting to any time of day. In Spain we are more of taking it for dinner while Anglo-Saxons tend to prefer it for breakfast; In any case, it admits any accompaniment that we want. A simple salad, either with green leaves or with a simple good tomato, some vegetable ratatouille, fried tomato rice (as if it were Cuban style), avocado, some quality cold cuts or cold cuts are good options. And we can always turn it into a rich sandwich filling.

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