The Three Wise Men throw an empty PS5 box in Seville and the result has gone viral

The Three Wise Men throw an empty PS5 box in Seville and the result has gone viral

The wise men They have left great joys in the houses of all Spain during the last hours, although in few of them there could have been a PlayStation 5 under the tree, since the lack of stock has made it really difficult to get hold of the PS5 during Christmas. In fact, it has been a common trend during these important dates, because not even the magicians of the East have managed to combat the lack of semiconductors that plagues the technology sector, which has been the Christmas with fewer consoles in recent years. But nevertheless, Their majesties wanted a PS5 to be the protagonist in the parade of Los Palacios (Seville).

During the celebration of the aforementioned parade, one of the wise men, specifically Gaspar, had a box of PS5 between the hands. Seeing the assistants wanting to get hold of the console, the king does not hesitate to release it to the public to fulfill your wishes. Obviously, the box was completely empty, but the brawl that is mounted between the assistants to be able to take control of the packaging has not taken long to go viral. You can see this very surreal moment in the tweet that you see under these same lines.

Of course, the result for the PS5 box ended in tragedy. After going through dozens of hands that tried to get hold of something non-existent, it was completely shattered and left to fate. If you have received a PS5 this Christmas, we hope you enjoy it in style, since great releases are coming such as Horizon: Forbidden West, which has offered great information in the last hours, and could even arrive the long-awaited remake of The Last of Us this same year. If you have not received it, do not hurry, at least you will have the consolation that you were not one of those deceived in this Sevillian parade who thought it was going to be their lucky day to get a new generation console.

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