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the recipe for the best cake in the world is Norwegian and has banana and coconut

the recipe for the best cake in the world is Norwegian and has banana and coconut

Today we bring you a version of the call kvæfjordkake, the richest cake in the world. We cannot assure you that it is for everyone, but the truth is that it is a delicious cake that leaves no one indifferent.

This cake with a complicated name originates from Kvæfjorden, a fjord in the Troms region, near the Arctic Circle, and was the winner in a contest organized by the Norwegian National Radio and declared “National Cake” in 2002. Since then, in any Norwegian house they call him “verdens beste” or what is the same, “the best in the world”.

It is originally prepared with almond, but we we bring you a version with banana and coconut which gives it a refreshing and less classic touch, although you can also try the original just by changing the type of dried fruit and dispensing with fresh fruit.

We will start by preparing the cake. We beat the butter and sugar in a bowl with electric rods until you get a smooth cream. Add the yolks and vanilla extract and continue beating until incorporated. We sift the flour and the baking powder and add it little by little to the mixture, interspersing streams of milk, until we finish with these ingredients and that they are well incorporated.

We preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius and line a mold with baking paper. Pour the cake mixture and smooth with a spatula until it is the same height.

To make the meringue, whisk the whites, the lemon juice and the salt with rods until they are foamy, while adding the sugar little by little, we whip the whites until they form peaks and are shiny and firm. We distribute the meringue over the cake, sprinkle part of the grated coconut on top and we bake for 40 minutes.

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While we prepare the pastry cream. This time we have chosen to prepare the pastry cream in the microwave, which is very easy and you can find the recipe here. Once cooked, we cover it with film and let it cool. We hydrate the gelatin sheets in cold water. Once hydrated, drain it and melt it for a few seconds in the microwave, add it, stirring well to the pastry cream.

We beat the cream with some rods until it forms peaks and We add the pastry cream little by little with a silicone spatula to make a diplomatic cream.

Once the cake is baked and cold, we cut it in half. We put the base of the cake in a detachable 20-centimeter high hoop. We layer with half diplomatic cream, sprinkle grated coconut and place banana slices, distribute the rest of diplomatic cream and cover with the second half of the sponge cake leaving the meringue up. Sprinkle grated coconut again and let it rest for about six hours in the fridge or better overnight.

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With what to accompany the Kvæfjordkake, the richest cake in the world

Besides milk, coffee is the main drink in Norway. Few things are more typically Norwegian than getting together for coffee around a table with some friends, so if we also present our version of the Kvæfjordkake, the richest cake in the world, you can imagine that this already becomes a party.

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