The prototypes of the new Audi A3 Cityhopper 2023 have been thrown on the road. For the second time in just a few weeks, the test units of the new compact crossover have reappeared in new spy photos hiding key areas of the body that will adopt the typical crossover design.

The dream of a Audi A3 Allroad It will become a reality at the end of next year when it is presented in society, although we already know that will be sold as a 2023 model. The firm with the four rings has given an answer to a type of model that had been maturing practically since the appearance of the third generation of the compact, but that had never finished deciding.

Pro now, it is known as Audi A3 Cityhopper, since this name is the one that appears in your project code, and the one that once again appears in new spy photos. This time, with the body painted of the A3 in gloss black to go a little more unnoticed, although the greater height of the body to the ground prevents it. Like the camouflage that just dresses the arches of the wheel arches, and the side skirts where it is perfectly appreciated more prominent running boards typical of crossovers and SUVs.

The compact with the fourth rings will receive a ground clearance halfway between compact and SUV

The 2023 Audi A3 Cityhopper closes the gap with the Q3

The brand with the fourth rings will also offer a more attractive front and rear image, with a more sporty design, adding the traditional ones. satin aluminum protections on the front crankcase and in the central area of ​​the rear exhaust. Special details in the purest style of the «Allroad» or «City Carver», as in the utility vehicle, with whom you will share this special image intended for the models with five-door bodywork, the great impediment of the more familiar Allroad.

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This most special image on the outside is also expected to move into the interior with a number of special details, with specific decorative trim, and upholstery and colors, as well as handles at the junction of the transmission tunnel and the center console, in true SUV style, and with aluminum pedals. A more up-to-date aesthetic and slightly differentiable from the rest of the A3 versions.

Audi will present the new model in the second part of 2022, so it will be sold as a 2023 model. The German brand will limit the offering to the most powerful gasoline and diesel options, both with front-wheel drive and with all-wheel drive quattro, but not with plug-in hybrids. An interesting alternative for those who do not want an SUV and for those who do not reach the Q3 but the Q2 is too small, closing the gap between both models.

Spy photo Audi A3 Cityhopper 2023 - exterior
The rear view of the 2023 Audi A3 Cityhopper clearly reflects the Allroad styling