The number 596 of Computer Hoy is already in your kiosk! | Technology

The number 596 of Computer Hoy is already in your kiosk!  |  Technology

On vacation, you’re in charge: disconnect and have fun! Who else, who less at this point in August is enjoying the long-awaited summer vacation. Sun and high temperatures – for those who like the heat -, days off – if you don’t have small children – and, most importantly, all the time in the world for the million plans that we all have pending. Yes, I agree that the holidays are to lie down ‘to the bartola’, but above all they are the ideal period to dedicate time to what has been invisible to us or we have not been able to pay attention to it during the rest of the year. Time to disconnect with friends, family and, above all, time for oneself. Nothing can go wrong … right? Well, the feeling they produce is not so positive in all people.

A large number of individuals suffer stress and anxiety in the face of this sudden stop and change in routine, even if it is programmed. And not only for this reason: COVID-19 has made us feel vulnerable, work at home isolated from work and emotionally and, in some cases, we have been surpassed at the level of digital skills. Furthermore, the dependence on the technological environment during the pandemic has led to what a couple of years ago was ‘a right’ has become ‘a necessity’. We must learn to disconnect (no ‘jamming’) and turn it into a ‘detox’ ritual. Everything is to be achieved in September to start from scratch (at the level of stress and anxiety) and not again.

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By the way, the origin of ‘a la bartola’ comes from Bartolo, an abbreviated form of Bartolomé, and is used to refer to unemployed and lazy people. And, curiously, its festivity is celebrated on the 24th, at which time the festivities invade the towns throughout the Spanish geography, formerly coinciding with the beginning of the rest after the hard work of the end of the harvest. Be it beach or mountain, sea or pool, iOS or Android !, there are a thousand ways to disconnect on vacation. A good reading always accompanies. We suggest you take advantage of these days to put an end to your technological doubts.



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