The next Unreal Engine digital event is this April 5

The next Unreal Engine digital event is this April 5

Although modern iterations of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine may not be as ubiquitous as Unreal Engine 3 was in the 2000s, this game development suite remains one of the most popular choices for developers around the world. In fact, its next version, Unreal Engine 5, could get an exciting new unveiling in early April.

Epic Games has just announced its new and important event on Unreal Engine, which will be open to everyone. The exact nature of said event is not yet clear, although it will take place in a few days and has an impressive list of speakers already announced.

A few weeks after the introduction of incredibly realistic Unity Engine characters, the next issue of Epic Games, called State of Unreal, will try to snatch some of the limelight from Unity. The broadcast is scheduled for April 5, and its speakers include Tim Sweeney himself, as well as some of the developers responsible for The Matrix Awakens, which is one of the most impressive playable demos of the engine ever made.

Aside from general discussions of the Unreal Engine and a hint of its content creation process at the end, the console-exclusive UE5 demo The Matrix Awakens will be the star of the show. The first presentation will discuss the production of procedural content and open world workflows in Awakens, while the second will discuss the procedural generation of cityscapes and the technical challenges that have arisen from this undertaking.

The list of games confirmed to use Unreal Engine 5 is already quite large, and includes long-awaited titles like Black Myth: Wukong, ArcheAge 2, Redfall, and of course Fortnite. The lessons learned during the production of The Matrix Awakens are sure to apply to at least some of UE5’s upcoming projects, and the technology has the potential to change game development in general.

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