We have been several months getting lots of rumors about a supposed Nintendo Switch Pro, which could reach 4k resolutions, and thus match the next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. After the recent launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED These rumors have faded, but now they are back on track.

Now we have known new details about this supposed Nintendo Switch Pro thanks to the YouTube user Nate the hate. All this information that we are going to break down below has been shared by this user through a video on his YouTube channel:

New details of Nintendo Switch with 4K

Some time ago, the popular website Bloomberg published information about this new Nintendo console. Among these information it was said that Zynga, an American developer, had a development kit for this console. This was categorically denied by both Nintendo and Zynga itself, but now in this video it is ensured that the developers They have decided to deny it because of an NDA that they have signed with Nintendo.

A colleague of this user, known as MVG, declares in this same video that he has certain information that points to what this new console would not have compatibility with previous Nintendo Switch games. In addition to this, the video says that Nintendo should offer this compatibility for the user. Likewise, later in the video they emphasize that it is not yet known if this would be a pro model of the console, or if on the other hand it would be a successor to the hybrid console.

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Here is one of the most sought-after details by users: the release date. Nate states that he has heard certain developers talk about a possible launch window scheduled for late 2022 to early 2023.

Returning to the subject of development kits, it is clear that the most important developers received them a long time ago. It is said that you are received it at the end of last year 2020, while the smallest could work with him as of June of this year 2021. It is also commented that developers were surprised by the announcement of the Nintendo Switch OLED, since they believed that the pro would be the next Nintendo console.

Finally they confirm one of the great fears of the community. Specifically, we refer to the exclusivity of titles, since, according to them, titles are being developed exclusively for this Nintendo Switch Pro, that is to say that they will not reach the other versions of the hybrid.