One of the most attractive features of Windows 11 is its new design element Mica. East applies to application windows and leaves a semi-translucent appearance to the title bar. The main advantage over the Acrylic effect of Fluent Design is the reduction of necessary resources. Thus, Mica works well even on older PCs.

Mica begins to reach more Microsoft applications

Mica usually looks best in dark mode and aligns the background color of Windows applications with the desktop and creates a “Hierarchy of colors” translucent with a modern look. The company says that the Mica effect does not cause performance problems and can distinguish between multiple open instances of the same or multiple applications.

We have already seen how Microsoft has updated key applications such as Edge, Movies and TV, Paint, Snipping and Annotation, Photos, Calculator and others with the Mica effect. One of the goals of the next big Windows 11 update, which could be a cumulative one, is to expand Mica to more applications.

Unlike Mica, Windows Aero Glass he was more incisive in the consumption of resources. In return it looked great and worked without any problem on modern equipment

Microsoft Word Gets Mica Funding

Microsoft is also working on a new design for desktop applications from Office, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Notepad. The redesign is being done aligning with Windows 11 and it appears that Office applications are receiving support for Mica, which will be applied to the fund.

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Mica in Microsoft Word

Microsoft announced the redesign of the Office user interface based on user feedback, but the background effect was not added to applications. Today’s update, which appears to be targeting users in the production channel, allows a more natural and consistent Mica design for all.

As we noted earlier, Mica elements will not come at the cost of performance and we should expect major improvements thanks to the deployment of WinUI 3 on the WindowsApps SDK.