The metaverse promises to enrich the job market

The metaverse promises to enrich the job market

The popularity of the Metaverse continues to grow, drawing the attention of companies and investors. It’s a new layer of reality, integrates the real and digital worlds in an immersive environment that can be used with different technologies, such as virtual reality.

In this universe, people can interact with each other, work, study and have a social life through their avatars. The main objective is that they are not mere observers, but that participate in this world.

According to Tatiany Melecchi, CLO of the consulting firm Transforma People & Performance, the future of the job market in the Metaverse is more efficient, orderly and cheaper for employees and employers.

The Metaverse has the potential to change lives, fostering new jobs and improving existing jobs for people all over the world. As we think about the future of work in the post-pandemic era, the Metaverse is gradually becoming part of our reality”, he comments.

Data collected by the Indeed website between November 2020 and November 2021 reveals that job advertisements that mention the term “metaverse” increased 1,042% during the period, highlighting the growth of the labor market in this universe.

In addition, a report by the World Economic Forum states that 85 million jobs could be eliminated in the next few years. But that number will probably be surpassed by the Estimated 97 million new features created by emerging technology (including works related to blockchain and metaverse).

These jobs would largely be in areas like digital marketing, business development, and data analysis, which tend to require creative and critical thinking skills.”, says the business consultant.

For the Transforma People & Performance CLO, the metaverse raises a number of issues that may not be addressed by existing labor laws. “It is important to discuss and clarify jurisdictional issues, the risks to confidential information and its security, as well as the employment situation and working time within this digital universe.”, he declares.

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The quality of the connection and the configuration used is also something that should be taken into account by those who will be immersed and working within the Metaverse. “The Metaverse will rely heavily on high-speed Internet connectivity, quality graphical visualization, sensors and actuators to capture the movement of users, in addition to the high cost of hardware, sensors and virtual reality devices and augmented reality. The internet, in particular, is a cause for concern in certain areas and regions, with statistics showing that just over 40% of the world hasn’t even opened a browser”, reveals Tatiany Melecchi.

According to the marketer, while there are obstacles and challenges that need to be overcome to implement this reality, the emergence of metaverse-enabled workplaces seems inevitable. “It’s not about if it will happen, but about how long it will take. I suppose that many of us will be working in immersive offices much sooner than we expected. Therefore, it will be necessary for employers to adopt and invest in these advances sooner rather than later. Those unwilling to take the risk may be left behind.”, he concludes.

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