The Matrix: Keanu Reeves’ New Act of Generosity Was’ Epic ‘

The Matrix: Keanu Reeves’ New Act of Generosity Was’ Epic ‘

Keanu Reeves invited friends, family and co-workers to a San Fran getaway for the premiere of Matrix: Resurrections

As one of the most profitable stars in Hollywood. The actor is said to be generous with his good luck, donates millions to charities and regularly gives out impressive gifts. (Distributed Harley-Davidson motorcycles to members of the Chicago Stunt Team Matrix Reloaded and most recently gifted Rolex Submariner watches to his stunt team from the next chapter of John Wick). Now THR has released the news that Keanu Reeves continued the selfless streak of marking the debut of his return to form as Neo in Matrix Resurrections for Warner Bros and Village Roadshow.

To make sure everyone was included in celebrating the premiere, Reeves invited all of his representatives (agents, manager, publicist, etc.), members of his inner circle, and other key people who helped train him to celebrate the world premiere of the movie on December 18 in San Francisco. As a token of his appreciation, Reeves took care of private jet travel and hotel accommodations, premiere tickets, and even hosted a special post-premiere brunch for guests, among other gifts.

Stuntman Chad Stahelski at the Matrix Resurrections premiere at the Castro Theater on December 18, 2021 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Christopher Victorio / imageSPACE / Sipa USA / Cordon Press)


Reeves’ generosity is epic

As I walked the green carpet at the premiere of Matrix Resurrections At the historic Castro Theater in San Francisco, Chad Stahelski, Neo’s stunt double in the Matrix trilogy to direct Reeves in the John Wick franchise, confirmed the generous gesture.

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“He took a lot of us here,” Stahelski said. “He is incredibly generous. Among the audience tonight there will be many people who helped him. From his martial arts trainers to his jiu-jitsu trainers, hair and makeup to his stunt team. You make sure your friends and family are here. It’s epic”.

It is also modest. Reeves rarely comments on such acts and when asked by the outlet why the payout for the special weekend and hosting the event for his teams, he only offered this, in a characteristic Keanu way: “Yes, it is great to be able to share our experiences and lives together”. | Cinema, comics and series