the legendary Serenity Silver Crystal, special edition perfume

the legendary Serenity Silver Crystal, special edition perfume

We know that there are a large number of anime fans from the 90’s, and one of the ones with the most followers is the one that we will talk about next.

The well-known caricature of sailor Moon, Over the years it has not stopped being one of the most popular in the genre of action, adventure and romance.

The compelling story of Usagi Tsukino, better known this side of the pond as Serena tsukino, a high school student who led a normal life, worried only about her grades and problems typical of a girl her age.

Who after meeting a kitten with a peculiar moon symbol on her forehead, gave her the opportunity to become the leader of the Sailor scouts.

The series has released new editions that have caught the attention of some new fans, but something we all have in common is the special bond that was created with this iconic series.

That’s right, there The Fabulous Shop has launched last December, apparently the fragrance is the first in a new series of fragrances that it plans to launch in collaboration with the franchise.

Speaking of which, you probably always wanted a copy of the Silver Crystal, as the packaging design is based on the legendary Silver Crystal original, with crystalline details. The bottle cap is made of genuine glass, it represents the elegance of magical glass.

It has just been launched a few days ago, in a 50ml presentation and its fragrances are based on notes of fresh bergamot, sea breeze, elegant mimosa, iris, roses, magnolia, lilies of the valley and violets; as well as woody notes of cypress and amber.

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This special edition costs around $ 90 USD, the only drawback is that said fragrance available only in Japan in this link.

Hopefully this unforgettable and fabulous perfume will arrive in this area soon, as it would be an exquisite collectible.