The importance of understanding the creation of content focused on health

The importance of understanding the creation of content focused on health

Content creation has been increasing in relevance over time. We currently live on the information that the channels and media provide us.

We must be clear that the creation of content must be focused on its USEFULNESS, since the purpose is to generate loyalty in the consumer.

Being one of the most used strategies at the digital level and today we can find content in different forms:

– Social networks
– Blogging
– Study cases
– e-books
– Podcasts
– Videos

These are just a few examples, but when it comes to health, it is important to generate multi-channel strategies and complement them with physical channels.

The most important thing to consider:

Trust generation: create informative health content for non-commercial purposes, to engage the audience through their needs.

Content Priority: knowing where it is headed, if it is for doctors, it is important to consider all the informative content, the language used since, unlike the patient, health professionals master words that many people do not know. With this we go in the same direction with patients, because using simple and clear language, which makes the information provided understandable.

When thinking about a well-grounded strategy, the moment in which we know what is relevant to each audience is important. According to data from the iab Mexico Media and Consumption Study, leisure and entertainment content is more relevant to a young segment, while information topics are more attractive to adult segments.

Another important factor is knowing how and where to contact and CONNECT with the Internet user in the indicated format.

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The importance of understanding the creation of content focused on health

As the image shows, audiovisual content is more widely accepted and the reason is that it allows involvement in more senses.

With all this, we can conclude that the format we use should be exploited according to the type of content (in this case health), after having generated a strategy for its creation and reviewing and analyzing the behavior of our audience. finally we will be able to understand how to create.


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Héctor Salinas graduated from CECC Pedregal with a degree in Marketing and Advertising. He has more than 10 years of experience in the pharma industry for the development of campaigns and special projects for the main pharmaceutical companies worldwide. He is currently CEO of Sistemas Integrales, a leading agency in the pharmaceutical industry with products and brands that have leaders in the health market.