In theory, the new closed beta for Halo Infinite begins today, September 23. I insist: in theory. Practice, on the other hand, is another story: those of us who are as excited about the game as a humble server do nothing but press F5 while waiting for Waypoint, the official website, to finally show the download code. AND 343 Industries he knows.

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This week, the Redmonds shared a lengthy retransmission of the multiplayer mode of HI —remember that this modality will be available for free in parallel to the launch of the campaign— where we can see what content is in this technical test. At the end, yes, we are warned that a series of critical problems could delay launch until new notice.

And so we continue, unfortunately, but I suppose it is the most normal coming from something that is officially called technical preview. The good news is that this broadcast we are talking about is loaded with curious details, such as that the vehicles of Big team battle they can push flags but there is no collision of allies (no more “Spartans totems”). There’s also a cave.

Halo Infinite delves into multiplayer challenges and nothing to worry about - there will be plenty of daily challenges

TheLoot Cave, “which he calls 343 Industries internally, in reference to the infamous cavern from the original Destiny that inspired all sorts of jokes back in the day. It’s a small space of the Fragmentation map where players can deposit their AI companions in the terminal of a closed door and defend it for a certain time until it is opened. If you are successful in this task, you will find numerous powerful weapons.

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Halo Infinite will be available on December 8 on Steam, the Windows Store and Xbox Game Pass, in addition to the console version.