The girls who play paddle tennis on Sundays will love this sports outfit from Women’ Secret, Andrea Duro’s word

The girls who play paddle tennis on Sundays will love this sports outfit from Women’ Secret, Andrea Duro’s word

Since last March the Tendam group presented its new sportswear firm dash and stars, linked to Women’ Secret, it has only grown. With a catalog that covers sportswear of all kindsfrom fitness even paddle tennis, swimming or running, the firm is beginning to gain followers. Some of them with faces as familiar as andrea hard.

And it is that the actress is a brand ambassador (if you live in the capital you will surely have already come across a bus in which she appears), and she has already shared on her Instagram account some look with signature garments. We have signed this total look of Dash and Starts to play padelwith racket bag included:

andrea hard

And it is that without a doubt the paddle It is one of the sports that is gaining more strength, especially among Sunday people who want to have a good time on weekends. So we wanted break it down piece by piece outfitshighlighting the most important:

Sweatshirt match point

White Cotton Plush Neck Sweatshirt

To start building the outfits and although now in summer we are not going to need it much (except at night, which is when it cools down), we have this white organic cotton sweatshirt. €39.99.

White cotton sweatshirt with plush collar

White cotton sweatshirt with plush collar

mesh shorts

Blue Mesh Inner Shorts

Although there are those who prefer to play with skirt pants, shorts are also a cool and very comfortable option for paddle tennis. These in particular, in navy blue, have pockets and a microfiber inner mesh for higher comfort. €29.99.

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Blue inner mesh shorts

Blue inner mesh shorts

White padel bag

White Padel Bag

And finally we have the jewel in the crown, a bag to take to all our padel matches without having to carry the racket, water, change of clothes, etc. €59.99.

White padel bag

Some extras that we may also like

Although of look From Andrea Duro we only see these three garments, we have signed some more that can be most useful to us when playing paddle tennis:

White Sleeveless Polo

As part of the bottom we can get this sleeveless white polo shirt, perfect for the high temperatures that come this summer. €26.99.

White sleeveless polo shirt

White Dress With Mesh Interior

If we are one of those who prefer a single piece, this White dresswhich also includes microfiber mesh underneath, it is perfect to play comfortably. €49.99.

White dress with inner mesh

White dress with inner mesh

Set 3 Elastic Headbands

And lastly, if we are one of those who we hate having hair on our faces but we don’t have much grace to make a super tight ponytail, these elastic headbands they can save us (there are three units: one green, one white and one navy blue). €12.99.

Set of 3 elastic headbands

Set of 3 elastic headbands

Other interesting offers

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