We present to you the new Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2022. This preview is the most faithful of the production model that will debut in just over six months. Next spring, a wagon variant will arrive with the same modern design and engines as the compact.

In just over three months, the order books for the new Opel Astra 2022 will be opened, a period that the lightning brand will take advantage of to finish the tuning of the new generation of the family body variant. The Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2022 is the next in the list of launches of the German brand.

Opel will continue with the style line set by Stellantis, so that it will only mean higher added costs and efforts. The stylists of the German firm will add an extra volume in the back, generously extending the length and especially the rear overhang. This “plus” will allow you to expand the volume of the boot, while aesthetically will add a third fixed glass on the C-pillar, as this faithful recreation shows, advancing its design.

The Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2022 will be a radical makeover

The Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2022 will go on sale next summer

A quick and economical solution for the second bodywork that, in addition, will keep intact the rear view released on the compact. A very inclined tailgate that will also offer a sportier image, sporting the slim taillights with the characteristic luminous signature, and the emblem and name of the brand in the center.

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Inside, the future Opel Astra Sports Tourer 2022 will share the same style, and the avant-garde dashboard designed using the «Pure Panel» style. The big difference between the two bodies will lie in the volume of the trunk, with a greater capacity with the rear seats folded and unfolded. There will be no differences in the advanced equipment either.

The new generation of the family will also share the same range of seven mechanics that reach the five-door, the two gasoline 110 and 130 hp, the diesel with this figure of power, and the two plug-in hybrids of 180 and 225 hp, the first with a 6-speed manual transmission and the most powerful only with automatic transmission. 8 relationships. Will be one of the great novelties of spring, of the 2022 Geneva Motor Show, and will go on sale in summer.

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