the final release of Eternals will depend on another film

the final release of Eternals will depend on another film

A scenario of dates that follows a tightrope

Although mass vaccination has (in part) brought us back to relative normality, there is still a long way to go to enjoy the life we ​​had before – if that is possible. We all know it and the film industry is not immune to this situation, especially after seeing how the public behaves when it comes to consuming films at the cinema.

And it is that although the rooms have been filling little by little, they are still far from showing the good health they enjoyed before the pandemic paralyzed it all last year. A clear example is the long-awaited story of Black Widow, a film that has ended up being one of the least profitable in the recent history of Marvel and that had one of the great Avengers as the protagonist. The Suicide Squad movie has suffered something similar: it has not met the expectations of the industry, with a collection far from what was expected by the people responsible for Warner and DC.

It should be noted that both Black widow What The Suicide Squad They had simultaneous premiere on streaming platforms and cinemas, which has clearly influenced the audience on the big screen, but even so Marvel does not trust that the end of 2021 is so positive and that is why it has all its attention focused on Shang- Chi … to the point where your performance will determine the rest of your schedule.

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A box office failure would lead to a delay for Eternals

It seems that ShangChi and the legend of the ten rings It will be quite a litmus test for Marvel Studios. The company will wait to see the results of the film at the box office – it opens on September 3 and based on that it will decide what to do definitively with Eternals.

Remember that in principle Chloè Zhao’s epic superhero movie is scheduled for October 28, but if the aforementioned martial arts film does not meet the minimum, Disney will not hesitate to delay it and wait a little longer for the public to be more in favor of filling the rooms.

This is stated in Vulture, where it is indicated that this movement would not only affect the Eternals, of course: it would also influence the premiere of Spider-Man: No way home, scheduled for this Christmas – although it is also true that Spider-Man sells so well that even if the previous films were a fiasco, it would not have to mean a bad omen for the third part of this highly anticipated film at all.

And you, have you ever gone to the movies after the theaters reopened?