The favorite movie to win the Oscar is broadcast on Netflix, and you may not know it | Entertainment

The favorite movie to win the Oscar is broadcast on Netflix, and you may not know it |  Entertainment

If you are looking for an exceptional movie to watch tonight, here is one of the best that you can enjoy right now.

Maybe Netflix keep raising the prices of your rates without stopping, but you have to admit that your catalog is spectacular.

A good example is this movie that premiered last December on Netflix, for It has gone unnoticed by most.

The Power of the Dog has already won more than 20 awards for the best film of 2021, and is the big favorite to win the Oscar. You can watch the trailer here:

maybe because it’s a western, a genre that does not have as much pull outside the United States, has not received the same media attention as other titles.

But like most Westerns in recent years, The Power of the Dog deals with unconventional themes in this genre, giving rise to a moving, powerful and shocking film, that will make you think after seeing it.

Golden Globe Winner for Best Drama, and another twenty prizes in different contests and press awards, The Power of the Dog (Review) stars Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch), who plays a cruel and feared farmer in 1925 Montana.

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When Phil discovers that his brother George (Jesse Plemons), a kind and generous man, has married the widowed Rose (Kirsten Dunst), Phil begins to publicly despise his sister-in-law, and her sensitive son Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhe). ).

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But something unexpected happens, and Phil and Peter’s relationship changes completely.

The Power of the Dog is directed by one of the best directors of all time, Jane Campions, who has signed multi-award winning works such as The Piano, for which she was nominated for an Oscar, An Angel at my table, or Bright Star.

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Criticism has praised this film., which is based on the literary bestseller of the same name, by the writer Thomas Savage.

The performances of Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst stand out, who sign the best roles of their career, and the sublime direction of Jane Campions.

The best of all is that you can now see it completely free on netflix (well, if you pay the subscription). A great movie that many describe as anti-western, with all that this entails.