The fastest marathon in the world is run in Granada

The fastest marathon in the world is run in Granada

In World’s Fastest Marathon you will descend through the Sierra Nevada mountains towards the historic city of Granada. This marathon will keep your legs light and your feet flying towards the fastest finish. In addition, it is a race that scores for the Boston classification.

Albatros Adventure Marathons are in charge of organizing a real challenge for daring marathoners. Its events focus mainly on the social aspect, the enjoyment of the journey and the victory of reaching the end. It’s not the results that matter, it’s the experience itself.

Today, two decades later, they want to try to break a record. In World’s Fastest Marathon speed and time do matter. It is a demanding route, chosen to maintain a high speed thanks to a route that is almost 100% downhill.

Why is it the fastest in the world?

The World’s Fastest Marathon route is a path between the impressive mountains of Sierra Nevada (Granada) that are part of the Sierra Nevada National Park. The route begins above the urbanization of Pradollano at 2,605 meters (8,546 feet) above sea level and ends at 667 meters (2,188 feet) in the Celador Del Paseo Del Salón park, in the center of the historic city of Granada. .

the tour is completely downhill (less than 1km without descent) with a drop of 1,938 meters (6,358 feet) and an average descent of 4.6%. This makes it complete in a faster time than we are used to. Logically, it offers the same distance as any complete marathon, 42.2 km.

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If we are not able to run that long downhill, the organization accepts spectators to support the runners in these important moments.

Keep in mind that it is a high-altitude mountainous area, so the weather is unpredictable and changeable. At first, a minimum of 5-10ºC is expected, but the wind can make it feel colder. As the descent down the mountain is completed and the sun continues to rise, temperatures will rise as well. At the finish line in Granada, daytime temperatures can reach 25ºC.

How to sign up?

To register for this race, we will only have to register our data in your Web page. The simple race package costs 100 euros, whether we want to do the half or the full marathon. Includes a t-shirt and a medal for all participants who reach the finish line.

The cut-off time is 6 hours after the race has started. At 11:00 (3 hours after the race has started) the runners have a cut off at kilometer 21. All runners who do not arrive at the cut off time will be picked up by an official race vehicle and driven to the finish line.

At 14:00 (6 hours after the start) the Fastest Marathon in the World ends. Runners still on the route will be picked up and taken to the finish area.