Yes, Xiaomi also makes screwdrivers, and they are very good. From Mundo Xiaomi we have already told you about the well-known Mi x Wiha Precision Screwdriver, a compact-sized screwdriver that It has the peculiarity of having a large number of precision tips with which being a handyman in any home will not be a problem for us.

Now, after its presentation in China, we have been able to see how Xiaomi has just incorporated its electric variant to the Global market in the absence of knowing its price and availability date, which should not take long to be known soon.

Effortless screwing and unscrewing is a piece of cake

Specifically, this product is called Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver, and stands out for housing inside a feature that we did not have in the original My Precision Screwdriver. This is none other than a motor capable of reaching 200rpm and that has a power selector that we can set between 0.05Nm and 0.2Nm.

In addition, the screwdriver has a small rotation selector from which we can decide its direction when screwing or unscrewing in a simple way with a greater degree of precision, additionally including a total of 24 interchangeable steel tips for greater versatility of use.

Ode to Xiaomi screwdrivers: because life can be wonderful

Other interesting details is that this product mounts inside a small 350mAh battery capacity, which we can recharge through its USB type C connection and that gives us an autonomy of approximately 400 uses.

Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver

Finally, and as we have already commented at the beginning of this post, for the moment the price and availability of this product in the Global market is unknown but, taking into account that its official price in China is around 30 euros at exchangeIt is expected to have a similar value and that it seems very succulent considering the versatility and options of this gadget.

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