“The dolls even come with bones”; they exhibit thread of Sam`s Club

“The dolls even come with bones”;  they exhibit thread of Sam`s Club

The rosca de Reyes tradition continues to be important in many Mexican homes. But this celebration can be tarnished if the main food such as the thread is not so good.

A user on Twitter, recently shared a find in his rosca de Reyes and we are not talking about the peculiar doll that usually accompanies this traditional bread.

The Internet user identified on the digital platform as @RoxCarSant, He reported that he found a bone in the thread that he had bought at the Sam`s Club store.

“That Father! @SamsClubMexico at the Cancun branch, the dolls are so real that they even come with bones !! @Profeco ”, says the consumer’s comment.

So far, the consumer’s complaint has not escalated into more comments on the digital platform. Likewise, the Merca 2.O team contacted the Sam`s Club team to request the brand’s position on this complaint, but to date they have not responded.

Complaints against brand products

Social networks are the preferred medium for consumers to express their dissatisfaction with a brand’s product. Well, on these platforms it is common to see complaints to various brands for selling damaged, expired products or with samples such as hair, plastics or even insects.

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This is the case of a Twitter user who reported that she almost ate a worm that was in the bag of her Doritos.

“How is your 2022 going? I almost ate a worm in a @Doritos_Mx bag? ”, Says the consumer.

Another case similar to the previous ones is the one that was registered on December 4 in the account of the user @_RubenHerrera, who reported that his sister had the intention of preparing a Hot Dog for him and, when analyzing the bread of his Half Nights, it was met with a “surprise”.

“I never upload these types of posts but this time I had to. Be careful with the #MediasNights of @BimboMx! Today my sister was going to prepare a hot dog and this came out … Disgusting! It was really unpleasant and I suppose dangerous for his health. #Bimbo ”, says the tweet.

At present, consumers, as they can be faithful, are also lethal and usually do not forgive this type of abuse, especially when it is not the only case, but later we learn of other similar cases or, even, some much worse .

Let us remember that many consumers continue to trust the brands that give them a good experience with their product and the presentation of the same goes into all of that.

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