the company joins the cascade of rejection of the war

the company joins the cascade of rejection of the war

Since the war between Ukraine and Russia broke out weeks ago, the video game industry has made two big moves. First of all, show your support for the Ukrainian people with significant donations like those from Fortnite and Microsoft. On the other hand, the massive withdrawal of companies from the country governed by Vladimir Putin has been constant.

Wargaming, the company that created World of Tanks or World of Warships, has joined this trend. The decision consists of abandoning any type of business in Russia and Belarus, the latter being the place where the brand was born. Although the headquarters are located in Nicosia, Cyprus, the truth is that in 1998 Wargaming took its first steps in the capital, Minsk.

Therefore, effective immediately from March 31, the company has transferred its business to the management of Lesta Studio, which is disassociating itself from Wargaming. Any profit generated from this moment will not affect Wargaming and the company ensures that “we expect to suffer substantial losses as a direct result of this decision.”

While the transition is taking place, all necessary processes will be followed to ensure support for employees. Also, Wargaming products will still be available in both Russia and Belarus at this stage, but under the new owner.

In turn, it has been agreed start the process to close your studio in Minsk and more details about the consequences at all levels in the company will be announced. Those workers affected will receive their due compensation and will be given the necessary help.

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