the book that will teach you how to use technology

the book that will teach you how to use technology

Technology has become the best work tool in many industries, especially marketing. That is why there are currently several books where the authors explain how to captivate and address the needs of customers with the use of these technologies.

Philip Kotler, presents his book: “Marketing 5.0 Technology for Humanity”, where he promotes the importance of the “four Ps of marketing” and explains how marketers can use technology to address customer needs and make a difference.

This book will help you improve your brand and business with digital transformation and thus combat changing customer behavior.

But Kotler also details each of the technological and business model evolutions with the dramatic changes in consumer behavior that have occurred in the last decade around the world.

Philip Kotler covers the topics in the pages of his work such as: modern marketing, use of artificial intelligence to marketing automation, agile marketing, segment marketing, contextual technology, facial recognition and voice technology for marketing, the future of Customer Experience, transmedia storytelling, service delivery, business model, Internet of Things, blockchain for marketing, virtual and augmented reality marketing and corporate activism.

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