Currently, there are different files that we can share from our mobile device And the bigger and heavier it is, the smaller the range of options to ship it comfortably.

Keep in mind that most instant messaging applications or even emails, have a limit for file size when sending them, so you need to resort to other more specialized alternatives.

The best 10 apps to send large files with the iPhone

In this case, we bring you a selection of the best apps to send large files for free with your iPhone from wherever you are and without problems. If you want to know what they are, join us to know them.

List with the app to send large files from iPhone

  • Google drive
  • Smash
  • File Mail
  • WeTransfer
  • Dropbox
  • ShareIt
  • Send Anywhere
  • TransferNow
  • Telegram
  • Box

As we mentioned, we are fortunate to have different apps to send large and heavy files with the iPhone which are totally free, safe and easy to use. So sending any attachments will be a piece of cake.

Although luckily, there are a wide variety of options to choose from, we want to make your life easier, bringing you what we consider to be the most outstanding of all. Next, we present them to you in detail.

Google drive

The first option is the Google cloud storage service. And yes, it is precisely one of the best apps to share files with PC and even with other mobiles if you need it.

It allows you attach files up to 5TB in size and share with multiple people simultaneously via link or email. Initially, it gives you 15GB of space totally free, although it is possible to increase through the subscription service of Google One.


Smash is one of the best apps to send large and heavy files with the iPhone, easy, free and safe that you can try. Its interface is tremendously simple and intuitive, since it has a single button to attach and send files.

Best of all, it does not have a limit for the size of the files, they are also end-to-end encryption, the links are removed after seven days and allows great customization when sending the files.

File Mail

File Mail is a app and web page to send large files very easy to use and complete. It is a very simple, secure, customizable and complete option for sending large files.

It is capable of sending your attached file as an e-mail or as a link. Either way, the process is very intuitive, and the platform itself guides you through the process. Have a 5GB size limit (free) or you can expand it using the Pro mode.


WeTransfer is one of the best known alternatives when it comes to send any heavy file. It is a website that has its mobile app and that its operation is quite simple and safe.

It is its free mode, you can send files up to 2 GB in size (20 GB in Pro version) and you only need to attach the file you want to share, destination email, sender email, a message and that’s it. Easy, fast and practical!

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Similar to Google Drive, it is a cloud storage service that allows you, in addition to store your files, share them by linking to other people without having to be Dropbox clients.

Count with one maximum limit per file of 50 GBHowever, it will always be limited by your storage space. For example, the free version is 2 GB (it would be the maximum size to upload and share), although you can increase that limit by referring friends or paying the subscription.


Possibly one of the least known, although not worse for that. ShareIt is an excellent app for transfer files from mobile to mobile or directly to computers totally free.

It stands out for not having limit for file size, in addition to having great compatibility. You just need one WiFi connection to share your files with other devices that also have the app installed in seconds.

Send Anywhere

In this case, Send Anywhere is an app that works similar to ShareIt, since in the same way, it uses a WiFi connection in order to send any type of large files between mobile devices or computers.

However, their maximum limit is 10 GB for file size, and this makes up for it by offering maximum security and privacy in the process, since the connection is encrypted and must be confirmed by a code or link.


Another of the best options for sending large and heavy files with the iPhone is TransferNow. Similar to WeTransfer, it allows you send large attachments through a simple, clean and safe interface.

All you have to do is enter the web page, attach the file you want to send, the recipient’s e-mail, your e-mail and that’s it. In its free version has a limit of 5 GB for the weight of the files, but it is capable of increase up to 50 GB if you subscribe to the Pro version.


Believe it or not, Telegram is an excellent app for send large files from iOS. Compatible with mobile devices and computers, where you can send your photos, videos, audios, documents and communicate without problems.

Although it does not have a limit to store information (consider that it is cloud-based), it does supports max 2GB for file size when sending them. Either way, if you are a user of this app, you will surely be able to get the most out of it.


It is a similar option to Dropbox and Google Driveas it is based on the cloud storage, it has great file compatibility and different tools that will help you productivity.

It allows you send your large and heavy files to anyone Quickly and safely. Enjoy 10 GB free storage and file transfer up to 250 GB. Either way, you can expand these values ​​by subscribing to its different plans.

Now that you know all these apps to send large files for free with iPhone, you will have no more problems when sharing your information with other people. Now tell us, do you use any of these options?