The Ascent is he Isometric RPG with cyberpunk style that we have been waiting all our lives. The game, which is being developed by the Swedish independent studio Neon Giant, and it is one of the most interesting proposals that will be receiving the Xbox Series X / S in its first months of life. In the middle of last year we saw how The Ascent gave away 12 minutes of gameplay in Xbox series x, and at the beginning of this they showed us an action-packed gameplay trailer. Today they bring us one more, but with a much more refreshing air, more interesting and a development nearing completion.

The gameplay was uploaded to YouTube by the official Xbox account. It has a duration of almost 15 minutes, and in it we can see the world in which it takes place The Ascent, as well as the combat system, the matchmaking system in the game, and how to win the difficult situations that the game will put us every so often. Up to now, is the most detailed look what have we had of The Ascent, and it gives us long teeth for its release that is looming over us imminently.

Of course, here we will leave you this 14 minute gameplay of The Ascent for you to take a look at. The game is lossless.

The Ascent is being developed for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. The title release is scheduled for July 29 from this same year, so just we are days away from being able to enjoy everything the game has to offer, and everything we have seen in these 14 minutes of gameplay. The game is coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch, so if you’re part of the service, you already know that you can count on this title in your library.

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The Ascent shines with 14 minutes of gameplay

▪ Release date: 07/29/2021

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