The 100 Montaditos chain changes its name: it is now Sevilla Tapas

The 100 Montaditos chain changes its name: it is now Sevilla Tapas

Famous for its cheap beersAlways attracting hordes of students, 100 Montaditos is one of the most successful restaurant chains in Spain.

Founded in 2000 in Antilla Island (Huelva), It is currently present in 13 countries with 451 stores, most of which are franchisees.

His model, very clear: a brewery low cost with an extensive menu of cheap sandwiches. A vision of the restoration that its founder, José María Fernández-Captain, has successfully duplicated other brands, such as The Sureña or The Good Burger, under the umbrella of the Restalia group.

The company has developed enormously outside of Spain since, in 2009, they opened their first 100 Montaditos abroad. Currently, the group is already present in 13 countries, a reality that has led Fernández-Capitán to announce a name change on his flagship.

Starting today, the chain will be renamed 100 Montaditos Sevilla Tapas, reports La Nueva España, which suggests that, in the near future, it will become known only as Seville Tapas.

“Seville is a universal city and covers one of the most famous words in the world”, Captain has argued about his decision, that will be adopted immediately, “Both in the premises already open and in the new openings.” A full-fledged rebranding aimed at facilitating the internationalization of the brand.

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