Tesla initiates procedures to expand its Gigafactory in Germany

Tesla initiates procedures to expand its Gigafactory in Germany

Tesla has submitted the request to carry out an expansion process of its recently opened Gigafactory in Germany. The popular electric car brand continues to work at full capacity to increase its vehicle production capacity globally.

Tesla is working at full capacity to increase its vehicle and battery production capacity globally in order to meet the growing demand for fully electric cars. The popular American brand has been able to start up car factories in strategic locations in a short space of time. Tesla already makes vehicles in North America, Europe and Asia.

The Tesla Gigafactory in Germany has been released recently. In these facilities, the Tesla Model Y, one of the most popular models of the company led by Elon Musk, is mass-produced. And although the production center is far from fully operational, it is known that Tesla intends to expand the factory in the short and/or medium term.

Tesla has started the process to expand its Gigafactory in Germany

Tesla to expand its Gigafactory in Germany

According to information published by a local media outlet, citing the city’s mayor himself as a source, Tesla has started the process to obtain permission to expand the Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory. Let us remember that these facilities located in German territory are the first that Tesla starts up in the Old Continent. They are called to play a leading role in the company’s plans for the European market.

Tesla has submitted an application to build on another 100 hectares to the east of its German plant. A construction that, if materialized, will allow the factory to be expanded by no more and no less than a third. The automaker already has 300 hectares of land for its car and battery production center. Then. What are Tesla’s plans for this expansion? Arne Christiani, Mayor of Grünheide, has given the keys.

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Tesla plans to build a charging station, logistics areas and additional parking spaces to those already available. The proposal presented by Tesla has not received the green light, it will be studied at a municipal meeting to be held in the coming days.

Tesla Gigafactory in Germany
Tesla is already manufacturing the Model Y in its newly opened Gigafactory in Germany

The Tesla Gigafactory in Germany

Just a few months ago, vehicle production began at the Tesla Gigafactory in Germany. When fully operational it will have the ability to manufacture half a million electric cars annually. Refering to battery production capacity will be around 50 GWh. These figures show that we are facing the largest electric car factory in Europe.

The construction process, which began in the spring of 2020, suffered from various delays. Back then local water providers warned when Tesla received final approval to start production at the factory that it would be impossible to service any future expansion of the plant without importing water from other German regions.

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