Try to remember what you dreamed of

Even if you go to sleep, the brain never stops, and as such, it is normal that during sleep we solve problems that we have in conscious life. The thing is, most people forget what they dreamed of very quickly. Making an effort to remember will make these solutions easier for you and will also exercise your memory and mental skills.

Drink lots of water

Remember that the brain is eighty percent water, so one of the real challenges when it comes to protecting the brain is keeping it hydrated. When we sleep we lose a lot of water, so it is important to have at least one glass when we wake up. This will help return the brain to its optimal state.

Do things with the opposite hand

Get into the habit of eating (or brushing your teeth or any activity that is not essential or dangerous) with your left hand if you are right-handed or with your left if you are left-handed. You will feel a little clumsy, but your brain will create new neural connections, which in turn will give you more mental agility.


There is no need to explain the benefits of reading, but for these purposes we will mention that reading keeps the brain active, since it forces us to create worlds in our heads and to reflect on different topics. Here we leave you some tips to read more books a year.

Learn another language

This activates the brain by forcing it to do something completely new. The more difficult the language is (for example Russian or Japanese, which are written in a completely different way than conventional). Another advantage of this is that it will give you more knowledge and expand your ways of communicating.

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Download a mental exercise app

Apps like Elevate are great for exercising your brain on math and linguistic issues while distracting yourself from the world. With only five short exercises a day, this app gives your mind the boost it needs, and if you use it constantly, you will see how your brain begins to speed up in certain reasoning.

do exercise

Nobody wants to exercise, but when they tell you that doing so protects the brain from age shrinkage, it sounds so drastic that it makes you want to stop for burpees. Exercising increases the formation of new cells in the brain. Also, depending on the activity you choose, you can exercise your coordination and reflexes.

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