Telegram has been blocked in Brazil because no one in the company read government emails

Telegram has been blocked in Brazil because no one in the company read government emails

It has happened to all of us at some point that an important email ends up in the spam folder, or it is sent to the wrong address and our lives get complicated. However, when something like this happens in a company and the result is that tens of millions of people lose access to a serviceThe truth is that it is time to reflect.

That is what has happened with Telegram this weekend. Pavel Durov, CEO of the company, published on his channel that the Brazilian Supreme Court has suspended the messaging application in the country due to lack of communication. The reason why Telegram did not respond to the authorities is because they were not checking the correct email.

Telegram apologizes for its negligence and asks for mercy

In his statement, Durov says that they had a problem with the emails that went between their corporate addresses and the Brazilian Supreme Court. Apparently the problem has to do with channel removal requests that are illegal in Brazil.

Already in the company they had responded to a previous decision of the Court at the end of February on those channels, and in that response they suggested to the body that will send future withdrawal requests to a dedicated email address.

“On behalf of our team, I apologize to the Brazilian Supreme Court for our negligence. We could definitely have done a better job.”

The agency did not heed that suggestion, or did not see it, or as Durov says, “perhaps it was lost.” Unfortunately, the Court continued to use the old general-purpose email address in subsequent attempts to contact the company, and no one on Telegram noticed these emails since the beginning of March.

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"Doubt all the information on Telegram": the messaging app, in the spotlight in the midst of the war with Ukraine

Now that “luckily” Telegram has found and processed the request, they have sent another report to the Court, and They ask the body to “consider delaying its decision for a few days” to enable them to remedy the situation. They even say that they will appoint a representative in Brazil to react to future urgent issues like this in an accelerated manner.

Tens of millions of Brazilians use Telegram to communicate, and the company explains that due to the global situation in recent weeks, its moderation team is overwhelmed with requests from multiple parties. Sorry we didn’t see your email, Brazil.