Tatiana Santo Domingo or how printed blouses solve summer

Tatiana Santo Domingo or how printed blouses solve summer

The most tender image with which we have woken up today is carried out by part of the Grimaldi family. Tatiana Santo Domingo poses with her three childrenSacha, India and Maximilian, in an adorable photo where we see them dressed together at a garden party in central London.

Tatiana Santo Domingo (and her partner Dana Alikhani) have recently launched a children’s line within the designs of their Muzungu Sisters brand, and matching models for mothers and children are pure weakness.

Tatiana Santo Domingo

The blouse worn by Tatiana, valued at around 350 euros, is called ‘Blue Mushroom’ and stands out for the hand embroidered floral motifs, the romantic ruffles on the shoulders and sleeves and the mushroom print (as its name suggests). And yes, it is ideal of life.

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Seeing this price, we have thought “it is out of our reach”, but we have not given up here. We love the romantic vibe of this blouse so much that we have set out to search for and capture a “clone” (we put it in quotes because we have come across a similar design, not identical, things as they are).

Tatiana Santo Domingo blouse

Lloyd’s printed blouse. 89.90 euros in El Corte Inglés.

Lloyd's Printed Blouse

Lloyd’s Printed Blouse

The blouse in question is from Lloyd’s, it also has a print in blue and white and it has the romantic details that make it a very special design, like the poet sleeve and the ruffled neck. It is available at El Corte Inglés for 89.90 euros.

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