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take this 1 TB hard drive at a brutal price and don’t run out of space

take this 1 TB hard drive at a brutal price and don’t run out of space


When there is space problems on the computer, the best solution is to use an external hard drive. Or at least the fastest and cheapest. In recent times it is quite cheap buy an HDD to store photos, documents and even video games. It is available on Amazon toshiba hard drive Canvio Basics 1TB for only 38.99 euros, being the best seller of the popular store. Right now it has a 24% discount, so you can save at least 12 euros.

This is a hard drive with very good value for money. Without discount it only costs 51.42 and this has easily made it one of the products Best sellers. Before buying, we also remind you of the differences between HDD and SSD for you to choose the best option. Although it can be said that one is more powerful than another and your choice will also depend on your needs. Bearing this in mind, we tell you the main characteristics of the toshiba hard drive.

Toshiba’s 1TB hard drive is Amazon’s best seller

1TB Toshiba external hard drive allows fast file transfers

The hard drive has several important aspects. The most obvious is the Storage capacity and this Toshiba drive is 1TB. Without a doubt, this way you can free up space on your computer or your mobile for it to work properly. At the same time you can save on the hard drive all your important documents and take them anywhere because it is a compact unit easy to transport.

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On the other hand, one must pay attention to the Transfer speed. The Toshiba HDD has a USB 3.2 connection that guarantees faster 5GB/s write speed and reading of 540 MB/s. It also has a very nice design. classic and understated with matte finish. This model is also available with 2 and 4 TB of storage, although the price increases slightly.

take advantage of this 24% discount to make it cheaper for you. The Toshiba Canvio Basics hard drive it only costs 38.99 euros right now, so you save just over 12 euros on this purchase. It’s always good to have one external storage drive to save your photos, documents, movies or games.

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