And just like that out of nowhere, without any prior notice, the Nintendo switch has received a new firmware update that finally adds one of the most requested features in the community. And it is already possible to connect audio devices via Bluetooth, although with certain restrictions.

On the official page of Nintendo, the Big N has published a list that explains exactly how this new inclusion works:

– Up to two wireless controls can be connected to the Nintendo switch while using an audio device Bluetooth. You won’t be able to connect additional controls until you disconnect the device Bluetooth.

– The device Bluetooth it will be automatically disconnected during local communications, such as when you start a game that supports local multiplayer wirelessly.

– It will only be possible to have an audio device connected Bluetooth at the same time, but the system can remember up to 10 devices.

– Microphones cannot be used Bluetooth.

– You may experience some latency depending on the device you are using.

So there you have it, it will no longer be necessary to use an adapter or anything similar to connect your AirPods or any other wireless headset you want. Just remember that it must be via Bluetooth.


Source: Nintendo

Switch adds Bluetooth audio support

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