If you have already decided and want to have an adopted dog in your family, we invite you to discover the joy of finding it in a shelter. It’s not just about making a major change in the family environment, you’re also giving a rescued friend a new chance.


One of the most special gifts that children can receive is a pet. Dogs, for example, are an excellent option, as long as you have considered the pros and cons of having it in your home and the responsibilities it implies.

If you dare to adopt, we invite you to consider the following points:

After being abandoned and subsequently rescued, these animals usually have changes in their temperament and habits. For example, they may feel intimidated at first and may even have a hard time trying the food, or conversely, they may not feel full!

Many of these puppies come from homes where they were mistreated, so you need to be patient and careful in the face of their reactions.

Whether or not they are purebred, dogs need the same love and care. You will see that it will be an unconditional companion!

Don’t consider the dog’s age too much, many are so playful even without being puppies.

Try to consult a breed that is suitable for you to play with your child.

With your love and integration into family activities, you will soon have one more member and he will have the home he so deserves and deserves. Adopt!