Yes effectively, The most profitable installment in the iconic Square Enix saga is Final Fantasy XIV. In fact, it has been the director of the game himself, Naoki Yoshida, who has revealed that the franchise’s MMO has already surpassed 24 million players. This milestone arrives eleven years after its official launch. In this way, the growth and positive evolution that the game has obtained can be seen, since on his departure he was quite criticized by the press, due to its initial state. Without a doubt, we can say that this situation no longer resembles the current reality at all.

Final Fantasy XIV has surpassed 24 million players

In Final Fantasy XIV, during 2015 some 4 million players were registered, a figure that increased to the 10 million in 2017 for the launch of its third expansion, Stormblood. With these data, we can see how the player base has increased over the years, reaching today more than double the number of users since 2017.

As we said before, it was the director of the game himself who gave the news that Final Fantasy XIV has more than 24 million players. These statements have taken place for an event dedicated to Square Enix’s upcoming MMO expansion, Endwalker, and has collected them IGN.

“Everyone knows how difficult things were for us with him Final Fantasy XIV original, “he said Naoki Yoshida in reference to the launch of the game. “Since then, we were able to transform the title into one that provides a significant contribution to our company’s profits«. The director of the fourteenth installment of the legendary RPG saga, adds that: “It may be inappropriate for me to say so, but in terms of our business, we have been able to achieve great success. Going forward, we will spare no expense with our investments to ensure this game continues to be one that our players can enjoy. “

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Square Enix’s MMO is a huge asset in company profits

In an entry dedicated to Final Fantasy XIV, and its next expansion, published in the PlayStation Blog, Yoshida also had this to say: “I think if there’s one thing that really sets Final Fantasy XIV apart from other titles in the genre, it’s that we really aim for FF XIV to be a standard story-based MMO«.

That said, if you are a fan of Final Fantasy MMO, surely you are looking forward to the launch of Endwalker, that the November 23 this year, and witness one more test of how great this title is today.

Here you can see the minimum requirements of Endwalker on PC

With Endwalker, it is expected that several new contents will arrive, among which stand out the end of an important story within Final Fantasy XIV. Even so, it does not seem that the game is close to reaching its end, since, as Yoshida himself has indicated, the development team would already be proposing the contents for the next ten years of the title.

▪ Release date: 08/27/2013