SPY x FAMILY pays tribute to James Bond 007 in this epic way

SPY x FAMILY pays tribute to James Bond 007 in this epic way


The success of SPY x FAMILY is something that we cannot deny, week after week, its views on services such as Crunchyroll exceed the expectations of their distributors. However, there is a part of the public that has been attracted to it for his references to classic James Bond films and it is that his inspiration in this series of fantasy films about an English secret agent and his relationship with the darkest spheres of power is undeniable. So it’s no surprise that the team behind this great series decided to display their inspiration with great pride.

Set in a world inspired by the Cold War that resembles the setting of many of the classic Bond movies, this opus from Tatsuya Endo, hasn’t been shy about showing his love for Ian Fleming’s beloved espionage series and the dashing spy at the center of the franchise. Anya’s favorite TV show, Bondman, is an obvious reference to the book and movie series, and the Forger family dog, yet to be introduced in the anime, also takes her name from the iconic spy. The dog also wears a bow tie, a reference to 007’s preferred outfit:

The twitter account of Japan of SPY x FAMILY revealed the new poster of the series that will be included with the first Blu-ray/DVD release of the series in that Asian country. The art shows the three central characters of the anime: the super spy Loid, the absent-minded spy Yor, and the troublesome telepathic girl Anya, in a composition that was done in the style of the posters of classic movies of the 007 franchise.

Specifically, the reference comes from one of the English spy franchise’s most beloved films, 1963’s From Russia With Love. The image also features Frankie, Loid’s trusted informant, and a car that vaguely resembles a version legally distinct from the classic James Bond Aston Martin DB5. It may be that in the future we will see more of these references to films of the time. From the reactions in the publication, it seems that fans of this anime love this type of nod to other cultural products.

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In case you’re interested in getting your hands on this awesome poster, the first volume of SPY x FAMILY will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan on July 20. The disc will include the first four episodes of the show. Details on the home video release of the series in other regions have yet to be announced, so We still do not know if it will arrive in Spain, Mexico or Latin America. However, its popularity could tip the balance for a very soon release.

The importance of SPY x FAMILY beyond its references to James Bond

SPY x FAMILY began with a manga created by writer and artist Tatsuya Endo in 2019. with a great reception from the public. The series originally launched as an exclusive for Shonen Jump+, a digital manga platform operated by Shuiesha, the publisher of the successful Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The espionage-themed family comedy quickly became one of the most popular titles on the service and was eventually released in print, where it achieved a global circulation of more than 18 million copies. In addition to being a commercial success, Endo’s manga has also been a critical favorite and has been nominated for the Eisner Awards twice, seemingly surpassing his own inspiration, James Bond.

spy x family james bond reference

The anime adaptation of the series premiered earlier this year and has become the breakout hit of the spring 2022 season. The anime is produced as a collaboration between Wit Studio, the company behind the praised Ranking of Kings, and the first three seasons of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), and CloverWorks, the studio that produced last season’s biggest surprise hit, Dress-Up My Darling. Beyond animation one of its strongest points has been the way it combines themes of family development with action. Not surprisingly, we see Loid propose to Yor amidst a flurry of explosions, only to laugh later at the way Anya looks after her relationship like a pseudo matchmaker.

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